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Automated test systems for R&D and production

We design custom technology solutions for a wide range of applications, from advanced research & development test systems and fully automated production & quality control systems, to scientific experimental setups.


We provide an efficient service of engineering excellence, whose experience leverages the quality of aerospace, the automation of robotics and the measurement science of metrology. 

Our team combines multi-disciplinary skills to deliver solutions to our customers looking to outsource a task or project.

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Our mission is to help our customers focus on their core mission. We take care of providing the systems they need.


Mechanical Drawing 3.png

System Design

  • Electro-mechanical design

  • Sensor and actuator integration

  • Custom components

  • Robotics and material handling

  • Assembly and test bench design

  • Integration of third-party systems

DAQ Software 2.png


  • Custom software 

  • Beautiful User Interfaces

  • Easy to use

  • Simple on-screen instructions for operators

  • Data management and integration

P&ID 2.png

Gas & chemical

  • Gas panels

  • Gas processing

  • Design for hydrogen systems

  • Leak testing

    • pressure & flow

    • sniffer, accumulation & vacuum

  • Chemical reactor

Minitab Six Sigma 2.png

Six Sigma / MSA

  • Gage R&R

  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

  • Process capability improvement

  • FMEAs

DAQ Software 1.png

Data acquisition (DAQ)

  • National Instruments hardware

  • FPGA for advanced DAQ

  • Data processing and analytics

  • Control systems

  • Vision systems & image processing

Pfeiffer Vacuum.png


  • ​Development partnership

  • System analysis

  • Design for Manufacture

  • Design of hydrogen systems

  • Design of leak test systems

  • Testing of components

We are experts in providing the highest quality solution for the best price as fast as possible.

Research & Development

Scientists and engineers often need custom systems to carry out their work, however, the design and validation of these systems is a complex and multi-disciplinary task. These efforts may be a distraction from the original core focus of the scientist or engineer. Also, the validation of the system, particularly for measurement is critical to achieving the high quality of data needed for research. Autesyra specialise in this process and can provide validated systems efficiently.

  • We can design test systems of many different types

  • FPGA data acquisition is a highly capable resource for achieving incredible precision and resolution.

The rising cost of labor and the increasing complexity of technology make increasing automation a key goal for every business.

Production & Quality Control

The world has undergone a transformation over the last few decades. The intersection of computers, electronics and mechanical engineering ("mechatronics") have opened up a new industrial revolution. Traditionally, the cost of custom automated systems for production and quality control have only been available to large companies, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries. Now, things are beginning to change...

Outsourcing certain critical projects can be a very cost-effective way of reliably meeting your objectives. 

Control & monitoring

Data is everywhere and data is valuable. Many industries can do a lot to improve their data capture and real-time analysis. The return on investment is very often significant. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. We can create full systems to collect data, analyse it and provide feedback.

  • Monitor your operations with distributed sensing.

  • Automate control through intelligent feedback and algorithms

  • Implement Industry 4.0 through data collected and analysed through our custom solutions.

Contact Autesyra for a free consultation. We can quickly analyse your requirements to see if your production costs can be significantly lowered.


On the front end our custom software provides the interface between you and system we design. We make it as simple as possible to use. We make it modular for quick deployment and resilient to stand the test of time. On the back end it is intelligent. Our years of engineering experience are realised in code that controls, measures, analyses and takes action. 

  • All of our systems come with beautifully designed and intuitive software.

  • Fully customisable to your specifications and requirements.

  • Standalone or integrated with your data management system.

 Autesyra provides all-inclusive pricing for peace of mind and simplicity.


We love engineering and design. Our engineers have worked at some of the worlds top technology companies. Our skills have been developed over a wide range of industries and disciplines. We cross-pollinate ideas and techniques learned from our experiences.

Scroll through the gallery to see our experience in more detail.

Do you have too many projects but not enough human resources to do it for you?

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We would love to hear about your requirements. 

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Autesyra is able to serve customers all over the world.


Our design studio is in the heart of Tuscany, the land of Galileo and Da Vinci.

We try to emulate the scientific method and passion that they brought to the world.

Pisa International Airport is only 10 minutes from the city centre. Pisa central train station connects us quickly to the rest of Italy.

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